Typical landscape in Seychelles islands

Why Seychelles Should Be Your Next Tropical Destination

We at Delicious Spots booked a week here thinking of just using this place as a relaxing stopover before reaching much more adventurous destinations, but “No, Sir!”. We feel that with Seychelles we made the right choice as we could easily spend six days without getting bored for a single second.

Tropical paradise @ Anse Lazio, Seychelles

Of course, you can’t really look for museums or historical attractions around here, but these islands are perfect for young people who wish to have a little of outdoor adventure while visiting a tropical paradise. There is a reason why an English adventurer was convinced this was the Biblical 🌴 “Garden of Eden” 🌴!

Tropical Jungles, Vallee de Mai, Praslin Island
Tropical Jungle @ Praslin Island
White powder-fine sand and thick green tropical palms in Praslin Island
White powder-fine sand and thick green tropical palms @ Praslin Island

Seychelles, contrary to other tropical islands, has a volcanic nature, meaning the islands are full of tropical vegetation and endemic fauna. In addition to that, much of Seychelles has been given over to nature reserves, so here you have the possibility to be exposed to raw, beautiful nature and tropical havens. Astonishing!

Coconut water, Praslin Island, Seychelles
Coconut water, a "must" try

Getting to Seychelles

The only intercontinental airport in Seychelles is in Mahe, in the capital city Victoria. From there, all other islands are reachable by ferry or via small planes. We used as a base the island of Praslin, and from there we moved by boats.

Ready to fly from Mahe to Praslin with Air Seychelles
Ready to fly from Mahe to Praslin with Air Seychelles
Boat trip exploring Seychelles islands
Boat trip, exploring Seychelles islands

Where to stay

Any tropical island would not be the same without top class hotels and restaurants, and Seychelles guarantees a royal treatment in most of his hotels and restaurants.

Constance Resort Mahe is the hotel we chose in Mahe. It is located on the western side of the island, opposite to Victoria. The extension of the resort is incredible. It spreads over the whole peninsula, and it has direct access to two beaches (plus other three small beaches reachable with a 15 minutes hike). A service of golf carts is available for the guests connecting the northern beach and the southern one, traversing a picturesque mangrove forest.  There are five different restaurants with various types of cuisine, from the main buffet restaurant next to the reception to the more secluded sushi bar, available by reservation only.

beach, Constance resort Mahe island
Anse des Anglais beach, Constance resort Mahe island

Our opinion on the hotel is mixed. Rooms were lovely, and, in general, the hotel tries to have the luxury style we’d expect more in a 5-stars resort, but the ending result is not always satisfactory. The beaches are not as good as they were in Praslin, the quality of the restaurants is average at best. We only spent one day here, and we’re glad we did not spend more time here but rather went to Praslin.

Paradise Sun Hotel Praslin is a beautiful little space on the northern coast of Praslin. The resort is tucked on the Cote d’Or, right next to Valle de Mai. From there, everything is ten minutes far (at most). Rooms are cute even if not luxurious, each one with its front porch where to wait for the rain to stop (something we ended up doing three or four times over a week!). There is one restaurant on the beach serving dinner with a different cuisine theme every day.

We loved this place much more than the resort in Mahe: first of all, and most important point, it’s right in the middle of the island, allowing us to easily reach every place we wanted to visit (they offer a car renting service at the reception). Furthermore, the beach is less crowded and the water much cleaner than the one(s) at Constance Resort. There are several spots for snorkeling and diving nearby, and the staff is really helpful and able to suggest the best ones according to the season.

Cote d’Or beach, Praslin island
Cote d’Or beach, Praslin island

Top things to do and visit in Seychelles

So here we are, in a sparse and rigorously unordered way, the best spots in Seychelles!

  • Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio beach, Praslin Island
Anse Lazio beach, Praslin Island

The half-kilometre long beach of Anse Lazio located on the northwest coast of Praslin island is considered as a ‘must’ on the list of to-dos for visitors to the Indian Ocean archipelago. The reason is evident at first sight. 

White sand, light blue water, red granite boulders interrupting the shoreline, green vegetation on the borders, it’s difficult to find anything in the world comparable to Anse Lazio. And when looking for a bit of adventure, this is one of the few places in Seychelles where sea turtles can regularly be found by just snorkeling on its eastern side.

  • Traditional Creole Cooking

Tropical fruits in Seychelles
Tropical fruits
Tropical fruits , palms and Indian ocean
Tropical fruits , palms and Indian ocean

The cuisine is fish-based (of course!) with severe influence from China and India. Most of the dishes use ginger, tamarind, and lemongrass as spices and merge all together with a generous amount of chili. A typical example is the fish curry. You should at least try the curry prepared from Gala Takeaway, on La Digue, definitely one of the best we ever had. We usually preferred to ask for plain grilled fish most of the time, as the quality of the product itself is very high, but we couldn’t refuse to eat one of the main delicacies of the place, bat stew!

Last but not least, the fruit: as every tropical island worth of its name, fruit gets an entirely different taste here, with the natural sweetness only months of sun and tropical rain can give to the product. You can buy it almost everywhere, included at several carts next to the most famous beaches. The only problem with the fruit? Sooner or later we had to get back home and return to our usual imported fruit…

  • Snorkeling, snorkeling, snorkeling!

Small rocky St. Pierre Island, Seychelles
St. Pierre Island

While Seychelles has several different spots where we could admire marine fauna, we definitely suggest St. Pierre Island. This small rocky island, on the northern side of Praslin, has a very rich environment, especially on its western border, and we could see several groups of fishes hiding around red coral reefs. It was the first time we did snorkeling, and the experience has been incredible!

  • Mahe

Highest point among all Seychelles, Morne Seychellois
Morne Seychellois, Mahe island

Mahe is the largest island in Seychelles, and it’s the only international airport. Chances are, every tourist arriving in the archipelago will arrive here. We spent one day and one night in Mahe, as we wanted to visit a bit the island before reaching our destination, Praslin. While the latter is much more “savage”, with fewer roads and a more natural landscape, Mahe offers some good spots for photos, and a gorgeous panorama from the highest point among all Seychelles, Morne Seychellois.

  • Vallee de Mai

Virgin tropical forest, Vallee de Mai

The tropical jungle in a nutshell. That’s what the Vallee de Mai is. Part of UNESCO natural heritage sites, Vallee de Mai is hidden in the inner part of Praslin island. A couple of pathways allowed us to explore this angle of virgin forest, where time seemed to have stopped to the prehistoric age, among enormous ferns and astonishing palm trees rising 30 meters above the ground.

  • Turtles, turtles in the sea and turtles on the land!

Giant tortoises @ Ile Curieuse

Seychelles is the host of two different species of turtles. Sea turtles wander around among the islands, where the coral reef provides food and hiding spots. They can be commonly seen in Anse Lazio and St-Pierre island in Praslin.

The Aldabra atoll island is the host of one of the only two species in the world of giant tortoises (the other being in Galapagos Island). While this island is a natural reserve and it’s difficult to get a permit, a colony of turtles has been brought to Ile Curieuse, next to Praslin.

It’s amazing to look at both species, land turtles and sea turtles, in their own environments. Their slow movements, the relaxed and cautious way they eat, an incredible emotion. We couldn’t shoot photos underwater (we do not have a GoPro, yet!) but we managed to get some great shots to land turtles (well, it’s not like they moved too fast to be out of focus!).

  • Anse Source d’Argent

White sand backed by dark gray granite boulders in Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles
White sand backed by dark gray granite boulders @ Anse Source d’Argent

It’s not difficult to see why this is one of the favorite beaches for every visitor in Seychelles (including us!) imagine brilliant white sand backed by dark gray granite boulders facing the emerald water. Sounds paradise? It definitely is.

The island of La Digue is the host of this astonishing natural beauty, and it’s one of the highlights of the whole country. We sincerely preferred Anse Lazio, as it’s less crowded and it offers better swimming possibilities, but Anse Source d’Argent is not something we can miss to mention in the list of highlights of Seychelles.