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What’s on – Spring 2017

One thing we love about living in London is the continuous flow of exhibition coming to the city. Every museum in the British capital has an extensive repository of artworks, allowing to organize different displays at reasonable costs.

We won’t visit every single exhibition in London every season; we will focus on the most interesting ones, especially regarding modern art.

Two different museums focus on the USA: the American state is depicted over its modern history, with a direct link to politics and economic culture of the country.

British Museum organizes “The American Dream: From Pop Art to Present”, a large exhibition exploring post-second world war artistic production in the USA, analyzing the different themes art explores during the last 50 years.

'Marylin Monroe' - Andy Warhol
'Marylin Monroe' - Andy Warhol © British Museum

The Royal Academy of Arts presents ” America after the fall: Painting in the 1930s “, in collaboration with the Art Institute of Chicago. The exhibition covers the period from the Wall Street crash in 1929 until the second world war, a time when the USA tried to bounce off from the Great Depression with a surge of industrialization and urbanization following the New Deal politics.

This is the first time the most famous work from Grant Wood, ‘American Gothic’, leaves the American continent and it’s a must-see for every art lover.

Tate Britain celebrates the 80th years of the most famous British contemporary artist, David Hockney, with a retrospective of his long career.

It’s the most comprehensive exhibition of the artist ever made, and it’s been sold out for most of the days. 

Entrance of the exhibition, Hockney, Tate Britain
Entrance of the exhibition

It’s an amazing display where we could see the evolution of the artist and the different styles he followed over the years, from Pop Art during his living in the USA to his most recent works with the iPad. Another must-see for anybody interested in modern art!

The National Gallery is the only one diverting from the subject. “Michelangelo & Sebastiano” is a fascinating exhibition over the relationship between one of the most famous Renaissance Italian masters, Michelangelo Buonarroti, and his first pupil, Sebastiano Dal Piombo.

'The Risen Christ' - Michelangelo © The National Gallery
'The Risen Christ' - Michelangelo © The National Gallery

The idea is interesting, and National Gallery incredibly managed to bring an original sculpture, the ‘Risen Christ’, from a church in Rome. However, Sebastiano Dal Piombo works are of much less interest. It’s a mediocre gallery, interesting only if you are not planning to visit Italy in the following years.

Did you see the exhibitions?  Which one is your favorite?