Freshly made potato chips double fried in duck fat and the Black Bear Burger.
London Street Food

Delicious Spots @ Broadway Market

We at Delicious Spots have to admit our bias: Broadway Market has been the first market we ever visited in London, and things can become a little bit subjective while we are speaking about it.

Broadway Market in London
Entrance Broadway Market
nana fanny's salted beef and melted cheese sandwich at Broadway Market,London
Nana Fanny's salted beef and melted cheese sandwich.

Where's Broadway Market?

The market is in South Hackney neighbor, north from Bethnal Green. By tube, you can either get to Bethnal Green and have a 20-minute walk from there or try to find your way on the overground and reach the Cambridge Heath stop. From there, it’s 10 minutes along the canal. By walking, you can just reach the Regent’s Canal and follow it on its western side, sooner or later you’ll just reach it!

Delicious tip: reach the market from the south!! In that way, you can get an excellent first picture of the place, with the sequence of the stalls on the street and the buildings surrounding it.

The neighbor drastically changed over the last decade. The market opened over a century ago, but it’s only since 2004 the market started to acquire importance, following a radical gentrification plan that involved all the eastern side of London. The result we get today is an incredible mixture of grocery stalls with ready-to-made stalls, where cheese is sold next to Indian food next to tomatoes and coffee. It’s a delightful opportunity to both have lunch and to grab that particular ingredient it can’t be found anywhere else. 

A craft and bric-a-brac shops at Broadway Market, London.
Craft Shop
Music shop at Broadway Market, London.
Music shop

Aside from the food, there is a significant amount of craft and bric-a-brac shops, from the vinyl reseller right next to the canal to the hats and bags made from recycled items. Oh and do not forget the musicians among the stalls cheering up the whole place!

Highlights of the Market

There are a couple of highlights that are worth recommending among the stalls, especially regarding the food (the main reason we keep on coming at this place)

  • Black Bear Burger

The signature dish, the Black Bear Burger at the Black Bear at Broadway Market, London.
Black Bear Burger

This is definitely the elephant in the room, or the elephant in the market in this case (bad pun we know). Black Bear Burger is currently on the small square right next to The Frenchie, in front of the olives shop. They do one thing. And they are absolutely perfect in doing so.

The signature dish, the Black Bear Burger, is perfect in every aspect. The beef, aged, comes directly from the Black Bear Farm in Devon. Savoury, cooked at the right temperature and with the right pinkness (do not try to ask it for well-done, do not even dare). The cheese, Vermont cheddar as a decent burger asks for, fatty and moist. The bacon (not included in the standard burger, but extremely suggested), a delicious slice of heaven with the right balance between crunchiness and softness.

Everything in this burger is as good as it gets. This is one of the burgers in London, period. Look for the bear, head to the black stalls, where the two amazing owners are ready to make your taste buds do backflips for joy. It’s just incredible.

  • The Frenchie

The Frenchie stall at Broadway Market, London.
The Frenchie stall

Whenever you want something good to eat, let the French do it. We know, it’s definitely too easy doing something delicious when you import ingredients directly from France, especially when you are speaking about duck and cheese. The Frenchie stall right next to Black Bear Burger will force you to make one of the hardest choices in your life: delicious beef burger or French duck burger?

There is no real answer to this. Whether you go for the beef or duck, you still have to get the Frenchie French Fries. Freshly made potato chips double fried in duck fat. This is truly a recipe for glory.

  • Deeney’s

Sandwiches at Deeney’s at Broadway Market, London.
Sandwiches at Deeney’s
Cheese sandwich at Deeney’s at Broadway Market, London.
Cheese sandwich

There is always a queue at Deeney’s. From 11 AM to 4 PM, the queue is always there, persistent. Every aficionado of Broadway Market has tried at least once this incredible stall, where haggis is put into a sandwich, covered with cheese and served straight away. And that’s what they do best.

We definitely suggest their main dish, the “Macbeth” haggis toastie, but if you don’t want to have haggis (it has a pretty strong taste), the “just cheese” sandwich will just blow your mind!

  • The Oyster Boy

The Oyster Boy, Broadway Market, London.
The Oyster Boy

What ingredient would you choose to start any meal? Tough choice, but we have a strong preference: oysters. Everywhere we go if there’s an oyster shop you can find us there, savoring some delicious seafood. Luckily for us, Broadway Market offers one of the best oyster stalls in London, the Oyster Boy. Of course, you have to come here as early as possible, as the stall is small and the number of mollusks it can sell it’s limited.

The shells are coming from West Mersea, one of the central area in England for oysters, in Essex. They are not native oysters, but the Oyster Boy managed to choose a very high quality, and the result is pleasant. Start here, and you will begin a delicious meal.

  • Eat N Mess

The peanut butter and salted caramel cookie pie from Eat N Mess, Broadway market, London
The peanut butter and salted caramel cookie pie

Ending a meal in a food market is a complicated affair. The main issue is there are too many stalls, too much choice and too many things look too good not to be tried! Among the different sweets we tried, one in particular stroke our attention. The peanut butter and salted caramel cookie pie from Eat N Mess  deserve mention.

Two peanut butter (gluten-free) cookies are separated by a layer of salted caramel frosting. It’s a wonderful way for ending the meal with a sweet bite, and you can even buy it and eat it later on during the day!

There are so many things we didn’t mention, the fantastic chocolate shop, the cheese stall, the Jamaican jerk chicken, Meringue Girls and its amazing kisses, the éclairs at The End of the Éclair… 

Meringue Girls, Broadway Market London
Meringue Girls
Chocolate Meringue from Meringue Girls at Broadway Market
Chocolate Meringue

So much goodness, such a short time to try everything! Is Broadway market the best market in London? Well, it’s difficult to say, but it surely deserves a special place in our foodie’s hearts.

Scotch Eggs at Broadway Market, London
Delicious Scotch Eggs
Different choice of Olives at Broadway Market, London
Olives Olives Olives

How to reach Broadway Market?

The market is in South Hackney neighbor, north from Bethnal Green.

By tube, you can get to Bethnal Green tube station and have a 20-minute walk. The station is served by the Central line.

The Street Market is open 9 am – 5 pm every Saturday. For more info, visit the market website.

Did you visit Broadway Market? Which are your favorite stalls? Tell us all about it!